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03 September 2006 @ 10:08 pm
Ficlets: The Office x2, Firefly, Gilmore Girls  
I wrote some ficlets for a meme!

For annakovsky, Five futures Kelly Kapour imagines for herself.

1. She could be a corporate bigwig like Jan, and have really nice clothes like that. Although probably with a little more color. She bets Jan has a really great apartment in New York, the kind that looks like something out of a magazine, except kind of sad and unlived in, and when she ordered drinks at bars people would be intrigued by how sad and mysterious she looked, like she had a storied past, or had made the wrong choices and been unlucky in love. She'd travel around to all the company branches in a car with satellite radio, sweeping in and out of people's lives, and all the managers would have secret crushes on her, but she definitely, definitely wouldn't make out with any of them.

2. It's not totally impossible that someday Brad Pitt will be in Scranton filming something on location, or maybe she'll be out in California on vacation sometime and they'll bump into each other at Starbucks and he'll accidentally spill his drink on her and even though she says oh, no, Brad, that's okay, he'll feel so bad he'll invite her out with his friends that night and end up totally falling for her. She'll make him suffer a little, as payment for what he did to Jennifer Aniston, but in the end she'll completely move out to live with him in LA or Africa or wherever... but hopefully LA. Angelina will have left him to go dig wells or maybe hook up with George Clooney to see how ridiculously good-looking a baby she can have, and all the magazines will have rumors about how she secretly hates Kelly, who'll have to nurse Brad's wounded heart back to health. It could totally happen. After all Nic Cage married that waitress, right?

3. Maybe her mom will get her way and Kelly will marry some Indian guy from a good family but maybe he'll want her to cook a lot of traditional food all the time and he won't understand that it's really important to have an SUV instead of a minivan and his mother will want to live with them and tell her how to raise the kids.

4. One of these days Ryan is going to actually call her for once and that will be the turning point: he'll realize that she's fun to hang out with (she always plays those drinking games with his friends, after all) and he'll tell her she looks pretty when she's bought a whole new outfit and they'll go away for the weekend or something and eventually he'll take her out to dinner somewhere super nice with mood lighting and he'll ask her to marry him and she'll cry and everyone in the restaurant will clap when she says yes and she'll get to buy bridal magazines and they'll find a house, something cute that they can fix up together, and when she tells him she's pregnant he'll look so, so happy and their kids will be absolutely gorgeous and he'll hold her hand in the supermarket and come home to her every night.

5. The one where she never gets married and she turns into a spinster and Ryan's temp contract expires and Toby quits and Pam and Phyllis quit and she works at Dunder Mifflin forever.

For iamsab, Five Reasons Pam's a Whore, According to Angela

1. She's living with a man she's not married to. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

2. Once in the bathroom at work Angela was washing her hands and Pam was rummaging through her purse and she said, "Hey, um, Angela, do you have a tampon?"

3. In the summer she wears short sleeve shirts with scoop necks that let you see her collarbones, and every once in a while her bra strap slips down so everyone can see it for a moment before she shrugs it back into place. Pink or blue or green.

4. One morning Angela came into work early and found Pam sitting on Roy's lap at reception, her hands in his hair, his hand creeping up her leg, under the hem of her skirt, and they didn't stop kissing until she cleared her throat pointedly.

5. Because right now Michael is out of the office for lunch and Pam is sitting on the edge of Jim's desk, swinging her legs and laughing while she leans over to watch him play his PSP and he's calling her by her last name and trading insults without looking up and it's just shameful, is what it is.

For iamsab, Five Things Inara Taught Mal About Sex

1. Casually, during dinner with the entire crew: that it's common practice among young women of rich families on Core planets to contract with a Companion, male or female, to lose their virginity. Luckily Jayne found this concept so noteworthy that he started choking on his stew and Mal could smack him on the back and make some disparaging comments about his libido to mask his own reaction.

2. About the existence of a particularly mystifying sex toy in a particularly lurid shade of purple which rolled across the floor and came to rest against the toe of his boot. It wasn't Mal's fault he was in her shuttle to discuss their itinerary (even if she had just been telling him they could easily discuss this in any number of other locations without him barging in unannounced) just when they hit a particularly rough patch of ion storm that made Serenity lurch and a row of Inara's shelves fall down. She still rushed him out of her shuttle with a barrage of biting comments on an entirely new level, and-- was her face red? Mal went on the Cortex late that night and found out the exact purpose of the object -- he did not ask her whether it was for business or pleasure (much to his credit, he felt), but he did find it mighty near impossible to keep from smirking around her for the next several days.

3. That calling a woman a whore can twist so it seems less than satisfying after aw hile. So it seems downright wrong, in a pit of his stomach kind of way. How this wasn't about sex and it was.

4. Sex with a Companion is much like sex with normal people, especially if you're both angry and yelling and then it's all rug-burned knees and knocked teeth and momentary bad angles and complete rightness.

5. Much later, what sex with a Companion could really be like -- because they'd been bored or because he'd asked or some fool reason. It was all sinuous movement and smoldering looks and flicks of the wrist and not like sleeping with Inara at all. Falling asleep he muttered in her hair that they shouldn't ever do that again.

For allthingsholy, Five parties Emily Gilmore attended without Richard on her arm.

1. Her own coming out into society; she didn't know Richard then, of course, and the son of some of her parents' friends, Keith Emerson, served as her escort for the evening. Her dress was perfectly tailored and her hair set in stiff waves and she knew she looked perfect. If Keith snuck off later to kiss Chrissy Daniels on the lawn, what did that matter to her? She was a lady of society now. (Just after they were married she asked Richard if he'd ever been an escort at a debutante ball and was perversely satisfied when he said he didn't think he had.)

2. Lorelai's fifteenth birthday party. Richard was away on business and Emily had nearly called off the entire event after a particularly nasty fight with Lorelai, who seemed to get more brazen in her rebellion every day, but the caterer already had the deposit, and there was image to think about. At the party the canapes were sub-par and Elizabeth McIverson managed a particularly barbed comment about Emily's drapes and Lorelai disappeared entirely to be discovered later in the cellar with Christopher Hayden, a bottle of wine, and four boys Emily didn't know. It was the last birthday party she ever threw her daughter: a year later she was too pregnant to be seen in public, and a year after that she had taken the baby and run away and Emily had no idea where or how she spent her birthday.

3. The DAR luncheon for the Francis Scott Key Society, just after Richard moved out to the pool house; the event went off marvelously, three people complimented her on the crab puffs, and when two of the women mingling on the deck asked why the curtains to the pool house were drawn, she told them they were having renovations done. Richard didn't come home until the caterers were breaking down the tables and he didn't look at her on his way into the pool house.

4. Rory's bachelorette party was for women only, obviously. "Even us old married types," Lorelai said loudly after her first two drinks, patting Emily's hand and frowning dramatically at her own ring. It was a little too raucous for Emily's taste but Rory looked lovely, as always, and people -- Sookie, Lane, that brusque Gellar girl -- all took turns coming over to make small talk with her. It made Emily feel old, for once, that her granddaughter could be getting married. Emily had changed not only her diapers but her mother's diapers, and in three days she'd be walking down the aisle in a gown Emily had made sure was sure to be the talk of the society pages. Richard was asleep when she got home but he woke up when she got into bed. "How was it?" he asked sleepily, and Emily shifted her pillow, fluffing it until it was the right shape. "Fine," she said, and then listened to his breathing even out, thinking of when they were that young, when she first knew for sure this was the man she wanted to spend her life with, when everything was in front of them.

5. Richard's wake. The candlesticks weren't polished enough and she kept having to shake hands with people whose names she barely remembered, but it was overall a tasteful affair. Her best black dress still fit, and every time she turned around Lorelai or Rory was at her elbow. She kept catching herself scanning the room, though, for someone taller than the rest of the crowd. A reason she could slip away to make sure he agreed with her assessment of the whole event, to just take a moment--. No one was there, though, of course, and wouldn't be. It was all so stupid.
Kyra Cullinankyrafic on September 7th, 2006 05:16 pm (UTC)
Oh, thank you!

that was not only totally her, but not TOO over the top at the same time

Whew, I'm really glad you think so -- it's a tricky balance to strike. :)