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27 October 2014 @ 09:00 pm
Yuletide letter, Yuletide letter!  
Dear Benificent Yulebeing,

HI!  Thank you for writing for meeee!  Some things that might help you out, which you can disregard at will.


+ I have a Tumblr tag called fic I wish existed full of ideas and keymashing.
+ All my past Yuletide letters are here!
+ If you have questions about my taste, odds are annakovsky or blithers can help you out.

General Likes, Dislikes and Other Minutiae

+ THINGS I LIKE: Some things I love (obviously not all of which will be relevant to all of my requests!): Fic about women. Female friendships. Tropey or cracky fic which is committed to wholeheartedly and finds the cool or powerful or interesting angle of the crazy idea. Details. Unusual narrative styles. Fic that's wistful or funny or about something beyond just the relationship, or about the details of everyday life. I like fic about the feelings of things beginning. I like to know what the weather feels like. I like when those details can make me feel what the character is feeling.

+ THINGS I'M NOT INTO: character bashing, especially of women; fic that basically recounts a scene we've seen onscreen

+ POLICY RE: SEXY FIC: I AM PRO. Kink is awesome, go crazy. Very very much about dirty fic that stays in character and is creative about whatever's going down: that can mean the dialogue during sex, positions or sex acts outsie the fandom's usual norm, one character surprising the other with some kind of unguessed-at predilection...

Request Specifics

New Girl
Nick/Schmidt/Jess OR Nick/Schmidt OR Nick/Jess OR Nick/Cece

For the first two: I am so into all the parts of the Nick and Schmidt dynamic that are extra off-kilter and unique to them: Nick not realizing Schmidt texting him 40 times a day is weird, Schmidt's comments about sexual tension with Nick. I super dig the layers and contrasts of their relationship: fondness and memory and annoyance and interdependence and competitiveness and respect and irritation. Would be really into having that explored in the context of their new room OR with Jess as part of the scene, since I think the ways they each relate to each other become extra fascinating if the third party is involved too. One katrillion bajillion extra bonus points if you write the fic of my heart which is SEXXXX or makeouts with complicated feelings between the three of them.

For the other prompts, I'd love to see Nick and Cece getting to know each other well behind the bar together and getting crushes on each other and ill-advised but enjoyable making out (or whatever you prefer). Nick/Jess: TIME TRAVEL FIC, where old Nick tries to fix them. Or kinky sex. Or sneaking around together.

Star Trek RPF
TNG cast: hijinks and hilarity and on-set shenanigans and being the cast so zany no director could corral them. OR Nimoy Spock/Kirk feels. OR TNG cast *or* Shatner/Kirk: kissing your coworker.

When I was a wee teenage fangirl, I was obsessed with the handful of stories Usenet, etc, had brought about the cast of TNG being constantly ludicrous onset.  Patrick Stewart twirling across the holodeck at Tasha Yar's funeral doing his best Sound of Music impression, singalongs on the bridge, sewing Gates into her dress in a car on the way to an event, etc.  Would love something of that spirit captured: injokes and giddiness and what it's like to be an actor around coworkers who see you flip between real persona and character; do you feel goofy and embarrassed or is it just a part of the job you know everyone else will understand?  What if a script calls for kissing between longtime coworker cast members?

Alternately: Nimoy and Kirk/Spock feelings bleeding into his real life, either away back then or during the timeframe of the new movie.  Would also be super duper into Chris Pine being involved in any way, shut up, I know, I have a problem.

Office RPF
Mindy & BJ: playing the game of flirting so publicly, on Twitter, in interviews. The things they say in those mediums that they don't say in person. The way they each feel reading about each other through a third party. And especially the feelings on both sides when things have gotten a little out of control, i.e. Mindy's amazing Howard Stern interview.

So into secret complicated feelings and longing and UST and in this case all their history and the performativity and private, stomach-flipping, legitimate emotions.

Masters of Sex

Ladies being friends, being good to each other: Libby, Virginia, Margaret, Essie, anyone else. Happy moments or happy endings.
The first time(s) Bill & Virginia have sex.

This show has bowled me over with feelings for all its complicated, awesome female characters, and their supportive, fascinating relationships and what a strong thread of lightheartedness and kindness runs through them.

ALSOOOOOOOOOOOO, I am so pissed that the show skipped over their whole transition from coworkers to Doing It.  I would like a bajillion filthy details about the personal dynamics of that.

In conclusion, so looking forward to whatever you come up with!! 

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