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21 February 2013 @ 02:52 pm
My Trope Bingo card.  
Guess whaaaat I signed up for [personal profile] trope-bingo at Dreamwidth. Because I frigging love me a ridiculous fanfiction trope. Here's my card! W-we'll see how far I get? All the ones I really want to do aren't in line with each other at all, ha.

au: circus in vino veritas / drunkfic au: steampunk au: all-human au: hooker / porn / stripper
virginfic / secretly a virgin game night curtainfic locked in au: college / highschool
mind control handcuffed / bound together FREE

slavefic celebratory kiss
au: historical au: space de-aged au: other au: were / vamp / supernatural
kiss to save the day au: band presumed dead time travel huddle for warmth
Current Mood: chipperchipper