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27 October 2015 @ 12:44 am
2015 Yuletide Missive! Before assignments go out even! Wow, I'm good.  
O Magical Yuletide Gift-Giver-- !

Thank you so much for writing for me. So excited to see what you come up with! I hope the following is helpful from an idea-generating perspective, but please feel free to write your own thing if that's what you're most excited about.

General Likes, Dislikes and Other Minutiae

+ THINGS I LIKE: Some things I love (obviously not all of which will be relevant to all of my requests!): Fic about women. Female friendships. Tropey or cracky fic which is committed to wholeheartedly and finds the cool or powerful or interesting angle of the crazy idea. Details. Unusual narrative styles. Fic that's wistful or funny or about something beyond just the relationship, or about the details of everyday life. I like fic about the feelings of things beginning. I like to know what the weather feels like. I like when those details can make me feel what the character is feeling.

+ THINGS I'M NOT INTO: Character bashing, especially of women. Fic that basically recounts a scene we've seen onscreen. Really heteronormative "and then they get married and then they have a baby, because that's what you do" storylines, without some kind of twist or introspection.

+ POLICY RE: SEXY FIC: I AM PRO. Kink is awesome, go crazy. Very very much about dirty fic that stays in character and is creative about whatever's going down: that can mean the dialogue during sex, positions or sex acts outsie the fandom's usual norm, one character surprising the other with some kind of unguessed-at predilection...


New Girl - Official request:

I would LOVE, in approximate descending order: Nick/Jess/Schmidt, Nick/Schmidt, Nick/Jess/anyone, Nick/Jess, Nick/Kai.

For either Nick/Jess/Schmidt or Nick/Schmidt: those two dudes have SUCH a hilariously fascinating dynamic. Both total bottoms, overly emotionally intimate, toggling between exasperated and fond.

You're in luck (maybe?) -- I have a tag on Tumblr called 'fic I wish existed' in which I've been collecting New Girl fic ideas of varying degrees of crackiness and coherence all year: fic I wish existed. (Um, I think they're better the further back you go. Maybe.)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE crazy trope fic or cracked out a/u premises. I loooove smut and porn, the more unusual or kinkier the better. So what I'm saying is if you want to write a fic where Nick and Jess get accidentally handcuffed together or whatever, I would be into it.

I'm really into that whole getting-together phase, first times, first kisses, crossing the line from friends to more. Please feel free to throw canon to the wind and have Nick and Jess get together from scratch (or from late season 2) as though Cooler or Virgins never happened.

The only things I'm really not a big fan of here are: a/us where Nick and Jess don't have the same history as they do on the show -- I'm all about how well they know each other, not 'what if they were strangers'. Also don't love established relationship fic with no real arc or plot, or really fluffy fic.

Other things that would be rad: a Cece story that's not about Schmidt, or not about guys in general. Fic about all Nick and Jess's crazy bedroom roleplaying. FIC ABOUT ELIZABETH: being friends with Nick or Jess or Cece or anything. Nick and Kai were hot and fun and interesting!! Random guest stars I'm into: Nadia and Sarah, the red-haired girl from Kids, both make me die laughing with every single line.

Haha, um, evidently I already had a lot to say about this. Won't add anything except the fact that my letter from last year also has some things I'd love to see, particularly about Nick/Schmidt, Nick & Cece and Nick/Jess time travel.

Flash Forward (Disney, 1996) - Official request:
Becca/Tucker future fic would make my LIFE. I utterly adore the last episode of the series and the feel of it -- the sort of awkward excitement of them confessing their past feelings and crushes over the phone, the everything-else-stripped-away seriousness and honesty of that backstage kiss, and of course, as always with them, the sense of all their *history*.
Something set around college or high school or post-college with the two of them getting together would be awesome. Something about transitioning over that line from friendship to more. Or about discovering new things about each other/seeing each other in a different life (especially if it's during or after college and they've now spent time apart) First time fic (especially porny/smutty if you're into that!!) would be AMAZING. And like I said, I really dig the awkward/sweet vibe of the finale.

I think that the final episode (MY FAVORITE) is actually up in YouTube in pieces, or was last time I checked.

Oh, beloved '90s Disney TV show of my heart, someday someone will write you, I hope! To add to all the above, anything that incorporates the backstage kiss into some near or far future would be so clutch.

New Girl RPF - Official request:

LOVE the idea of either something about the complex work relationship Zooey & Jake have -- this could be either 'shippy or gen. Or else stuff about all the goofiness on set, ESPECIALLY the hilarious relationship between Jake and Max and the running bits they do (pretending they're showbiz managers, Max constantly kissing Jake offscript to see him get all flustered). Also Lamorne and Hannah being awesome pals.

Dream fic: Zooey/Jake -- what's it like having to kiss and be physically intimate onscreen with your coworker and friend? How do you navigate that? How do you feel knowing it's going to happen and after it's happened? Does it get to feel routine? Awkward? Enjoyable? What about when Liz Meriwether pervs over it (hahaha)?

Backup dream fic: most of the above but for all the Jake/Max kissing, heh.
Note: I am totally cool with 'shipping any of these characters with other characters, regardless of their marital status (& whether or not you go totally a/u to get around that issue), but please no wife bashing.

Uh, so, I have a whole tag on Tumblr full of New Girl RPF fodder. There's also that interview Jakey J gave recently about wanting to leave Nick with a happy ending; on top of all the things they've both said about how thrilled they were for their characters when their characters got together. That kind of emotional transference is so fascinating to me, in either a 'shippy or gen way.

You can also enjoy my Yuletide ramblings from years past? All still pretty accurate!
Jess: waitressfearlessfan on October 27th, 2015 11:16 am (UTC)
So happy to see you're doing Yuletide!
Kyra Cullinankyrafic on October 28th, 2015 02:06 am (UTC)
Yay, me too, and back atcha! The annual communal return to the homeland.