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23 April 2013 @ 12:11 am
Oh hi.  
I guess I haven't mentioned, but like everyone else I caved and got a fannish Tumblr and have a STRONG AND BURNING NEED to discuss New Girl pretty much 24 hours a day. If you're into that kind of thing. (I-- I even have a tag.)


That is all.

Oh, wait, it's not all: since I'm posting anyway: if you're not watching New Girl YOU REALLY SHOULD. It's hilarious and super pretty and hella 'shippy. [Obvs I am having a serious Nick/Jess problem, but Nick/Schmidt is my stealth OTP.]

It also has this gentleman's face. It is not a terrible face. Plus the writing is ACE (JJ "Mrs. Mose Schrute" Philbin in the houuuuse!) and it's doing all these crazy, interesting, daring things this season and I'm loving it.

And yes, I am embarrassed that this is apparently the next hill my fannish feelings have chosen to live and die on. But the heart wants what it wants, etcetera etcetera.
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blithers: blithersblithers on April 23rd, 2013 04:27 am (UTC)
I whole heartedly approve of this post.

...That is all.
Kyra Cullinan: not like thiskyrafic on April 23rd, 2013 04:33 am (UTC)
Once I started typing I couldn't stop and I keep thinking of things I want to go back and add about why it's so great. The subtle long term parallels and callbacks! The guest stars! TRUE AMERICAN!

... I've got it so bad.
mireille: (comm) hello during a random dessert!myr_soleil on April 23rd, 2013 05:49 pm (UTC)
Huh! I thought I was following you already, but apparently not. Rectified! And I'm totally planning to watch New Girl this summer, if my regular TV can just stop clogging my DVR for a minute.

(I have to Captcha to comment! Do you fear the robot invasion?)
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